Mobile Cranes

We are committed to providing excellent customer service with an overriding emphasis on safety and keeping abreast of industry developments in the crane hire industry to keep on the cutting edge of technological advancements in this field. We operate a quality 24 hour a day, 365 days a year service and have a crane inventory ranging from 35 tons to 350 tons capacity. Whatever the time of day or night, our friendly and professional team is always available to see to clients' every requirement. No job is considered as being too big or too small and we are always happy to respond to any enquiry, furnish quotations and provide on-site evaluations.

Crane Hire

With a Crane Hire Agreement, the Hirer must take responsibility for the crane and operator from the moment they arrive on site. The Hirer must plan the lift using an Appointed Person to produce a Method Statement and Risk Assessment for the lifting operation in accordance with Health and Safety Guidelines.

The Appointed Person must have the knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the lifting operation including the characteristics of the load ground conditions, crane capacities and outrigger loadings. It is also the responsibility of the Appointed Person to ensure that all equipment used in the lifting operation is appropriate and carries the necessary test certificates. The Hirer is also responsible for ensuring all personnel involved in the lift are competent to perform their duties. The Hirer should have adequate insurance to cover:

  • any loss or damage to the crane or equipment whilst the crane is under the control of the Hirer which includes damage whilst the crane is entering or leaving the site.
  • Loss or damage to the goods ‘on hook’ during the lifting operation.
  • Hired in Plant Insurance to cover for the costs of any loss or damage incurred whils the crane and equipment is under the Hirer’s control including loss of revenue whilst the items are repaired or replaced.
  • Injury to the crane operator whilst under the control of the Hirer, along with injury to third parties or damage to property, arising from the crane operations.

In summary the Hirer is responsible for specifying the crane and lifting equipment, planning, controlling, supervising and insuring the crane operation and personnel.

Contract Lift

With a Contract the crane, equipment, operator, all personnel supplied with the crane, and insurance are our responsibility. We will supply the Appointed Person or Crane Supervisor and will take full responsibility for all aspects of the planning, insurance and execution of the lift.

The lifting of loads is a high risk operation that should only be planned and performed by people with the necessary skills and experience to understand the risks and properly assess them, and to plan a safe method of working. Therefore a Contract Lift enables the client to reduce risk by contracting out the planning and supervision of the lifting operation.

Y&P provides a full Contract Lifting service, which relieves the client of the responsibility of preparing a method statement, risk assessment and managing and supervising the lifting operation. A written quotation covering all the planning, management, insurance and craneage requirements we be provided beforehand.

We Provide:

  • Lift consultancy
  • Complete Insurance Cover
  • Lifting Plan
  • Risk Assessments and Method Statements
  • Road traffic management
  • Local Council Permits and Police Escort
  • Range of spreader beams and lifting tackle

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